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GAMET Bearings in stock at Redvan Bearings Ltd
The list below only includes products in stock at Redvan Bearings or one of its affiliate suppliers. Note: Some of the bearings listed below may be other manufacturer's equivalent bearings or bearings of a higher specification which are a more than suitable alternative. This information is provided for your convenience. We are also able to obtain bearings not listed here in reasonably short timescales
GAMET Products
Product Reference No.
111050 / 111090HE0112040 / 112085112040 / 112085H130065 / 130120C
130069X / 130120133075 / 133130P140080 / 140140HE0140082X / 140140HE0
140085 / 140140HE0160098X / 160152X181111X / 181190XC7212 FA7 C UL
7213 FA7 C DUL7213 FA7 E TUM7217 FA7 C DUL74025 / 74052
7907 FA7 C ULB7009FA7EDULSRP110055 / 110100HE0

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